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Image by Daniel Helpiansky


Plant Warranty

Trees and plants installed by Lakeshore Property Services have a warranty of 100% of the purchase price for one year from the date of installation, not including labor. A labor fee will be charged to procure and install any replacement plants.

The warranty is only a one-time replacement of the original plant. No credits will be given. Warranty will only be provided with the presence of an underground automatic sprinkler system installed or approved by Lakeshore Property Services.


Newly installed landscape plants will suffer transplant shock, particularly during the hot summer months. It is imperative that plants receive proper care, so as to minimize stress. Upon installation or purchase, it is then the responsibility of the owner to supply the plant with sufficient water and fertilizer (as needed) during their growing season to keep them healthy. 

Please notify LPS  immediately upon observing symptoms of plant decline, including wilting, leaf or needle drop, discoloration of leaves or woody stems, insect infestation, etc. This allows us to quickly determine possible causes of plant stress and recommend solutions.

Transplanted plants and annual plantings are not covered under the above plant warranty.

Warranty is void if:

  • The project has not been paid for in full

  • damage/death is caused by deer, slugs, pests, disease, or animals

  • damage/death is caused by vandalism or Acts of God / extreme weather

  • damage/death is caused by lack of watering or overwatering

  • damage/death is caused by negligence / improper care

  • damage/death is caused by salt/de-icing agents

  • homeowner supplied plant materials

  • The homeowner simply does not like the plant

  • landscape design/planting selection was not completed by Lakeshore Property Services

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