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Image by Daniel Helpiansky

Pre-Appointment Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in Lakeshore Property Services. To better assist with designing a project tailored to your specific needs, please answer the following questions, and a designer will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

Preferred method of contact:
What level of maintenance do you expect to do on your landscape?
Do you have deer and/or rabbit present in your yard?
Do you prefer mulch or stone for your landscape beds?
Which of the following services are you wanting or needing? Check all that apply.
What type of retaining wall material are you interested in?
Please provide any pictures/blue prints/etc. if available
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
What is your budget range for this project?
Not sure how much something like this costs? That's OK! Selecting a budget range helps us gauge whether your landscape goals are within your budget or if we need to explore other options.
How did you hear about us? Check all that apply.

Thanks for submitting!

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