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Image by Daniel Helpiansky



Dreaming of a more defined and functional outdoor living space or landscape? Our creative experts will work with you to design the perfect hardscape and select the right elements and materials. With this plan in place, our professional installation team will make your unique hardscape design a reality.

Materials and Elements

Our Work

Retaining walls

What is a hardscape?

Landscaping can be broken down into two categories: softscape and hardscape. Softscape refers to the living elements in your outdoor space like flowers, grass, and trees. Hardscape refers to non-living elements like stone, wood, and concrete.


Hardscapes can include fences and arbors, retaining walls, patios and decks, driveways and walkways, and even fire pits and outdoor kitchens. They are a great way to define your outdoor living space and make it more comfortable and accessible, all while highlighting the natural beauty of your landscape.

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