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Outdoor Living
Outdoor Space

Outdoor Living

Not only do well-designed outdoor living spaces allow you to enjoy your landscape to the fullest, but they can also greatly increase the value of your home. There are endless options for outdoor living, and our professional design and installation team can help you explore them.

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Hardscaping lays the groundwork of your outdoor space with stone, paving, structures, and more, creating a canvas for other landscape elements like plants, mulch, grass, and other “softer” elements. As well as giving you more usable living space outdoors, hardscapes can also provide erosion control, visually define outdoor living areas, and create safe and accessible walkways and access points. With infinite possibilities for design, our team will design and install the hardscape you’ve been dreaming of. Hardscapes can include patios, retaining walls, grill stations, fire pits, walkways, steps, and much more.

Landscape Lighting

The right amount of ambient outdoor lighting can highlight your landscape. Bright and well-maintained outdoor lighting not only adds safety, whether walking or driving, but it also extends the time you’ll want to enjoy your outdoor space. Our expert team will work with you to plan and place lighting for security purposes, visibility, and landscape accent. We can also add decorative seasonal lights for the holidays!

Landscape Lighting
Installing Turfs

Synthetic Turf

There are many benefits to synthetic turf. Artificial grass never needs mowing; it’s completely unaffected by drought and low rainfall levels, it keeps its color all year, and it doesn’t leave grass stains! It doesn’t require harsh fertilizers or pesticides to keep it looking great. And yes, it does look like real grass. Contact Lakeshore Property Services to discuss how synthetic turf can add to your landscape.

Outdoor Living

What will you do with your outdoor living space?

  • Dine outdoors with a kitchen, bar, or grill station

  • Relax on a spacious patio or deck

  • Cozy up next to a stunning fire pit or fireplace

  • “Wow” guests with your outdoor entertainment space

Get Inspired by Our Past Projects

Outdoor living
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Outdoor Fireplace
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