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Design & Installation


Landscape Design & Installation

Our team professionally designs and installs spectacular landscapes, hardscapes, outdoor living spaces, and more.

For unique designs with keen attention to detail, contact us today to get started.

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Landscape Design

Your landscape can be so much more than just a lawn--a space to entertain, a place to enjoy warm summer days or cozy fall evenings, the perfect spot to host a BBQ or get-together, or just a place to take a refreshing walk and clear your mind. By combining elements such as plants, hardscapes, outdoor lighting, and more, our professional team can help you plan and achieve the look and function you want for your outdoor space.


Starting with an initial consultation, our designers will help you imagine, plan, and implement the landscape of your dreams.

Landscape installation

Once you’ve settled on the perfect design for your landscape, you’ll need an experienced team to see it through so that it comes out the way you imagine. Look no further than Lakeshore Property Services. We have over 15 years experience in landscape design, installation, and care. Our team’s expertise, our access to high quality equipment and materials, and our attention to detail make us the best choice to install your landscape, plantscape, or hardscape.

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Landscape care

To keep your landscape an attractive and serene space, it will need constant maintenance. And we know you’d much rather enjoy your landscape than worry about its upkeep. Landscape care is where it all started for us. We can set up a care and management program tailored to your specific needs. Services will vary based on the program we create for you, but they can include regular lawn mowing, irrigation, fertilization, color planting, seasonal clean up, and snow & ice management among other services.


Hardscaping lays the groundwork of your outdoor space with stone, paving, structures, and more, creating a canvas for other landscape elements like plants, mulch, grass, and other “softer” elements. As well as giving you more usable living space outdoors, hardscapes can also provide erosion control, visually define outdoor living areas, and create safe and accessible walkways and access points. With infinite possibilities for design, our team will design and install the hardscape you’ve been dreaming of. Hardscapes can include patios, retaining walls, grill stations, fire pits, walkways, steps, and much more.


Plant installation

Plants fill our senses with colors, smells, and textures. The right plant choices, combinations, and placement can transform your landscape into a harmonious sanctuary. In addition to looking beautiful, plants can fill out or compliment hardscapes, stabilize slopes, control erosion, create rain gardens to capture runoff, and even attract butterflies, bees, and birds. Our landscape designers are experts at plant pairings, growing and bloom seasons, and plant care. They can help you select the right plants to fit your preferences and location.


Rest assured, we can find the perfect selections to thrive in shade, sun, slopes, dry soil, and more.

Lawn installation

When installing a lawn, we take into consideration the specific requirements of your site, including sunlight, water drainage needs, soil nutrition, and more. We start by installing and grading topsoil to give your lawn the right foundation and nutrition it needs. Then we install the ideal grass type for your site by seeding or sod. Soon you’ll have a lush green lawn that will be the envy of the block. Then, talk to us about setting up a maintenance plan to keep it looking its best!


Outdoor living

What would you like to do in your outdoor living space? Cook? Entertain guests? Take a relaxing nap? There are so many options to expand the usable living space of your home and potentially increase its monetary value too. Our professional team designs and installs outdoor living areas like kitchens and grill areas, fire pits, entertainment areas, patios, and more.


Contact us for an initial consultation and start enjoying your outdoor living space more.

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